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Coldewey Consulting
Toni-Schmid-Str. 10b
D-81825 Munich
Telephone: +49-700-COLDEWEY (+49-700-26533939)
Fax: +49-74995703
Legal form: Independent Consultant
Established: December 1997
VAT-IdNo.: DE191618545

Why indepedent?

"Have you ever thought about hiring employees?" is a question I hear often. My answer always is the same: Only as an independent I am able to concentrate fully on my client's needs. It guarantees that my clients get the quality they expect and prevents me to follow the temptation to expand projects just to generate work for employees. There are no conflicts between the responsibility for my clients and the responsibility for my employees. Furthermor being independent allows me to keep the balance between my private and my professional life, which is vital for longterm excellence.

Of course being independent comes with some liabilities. To compensate for the knowledge pool of a large organization, I maintain a close network of contacts, which enables me to exchange experience fast and to find additional support if needed. Instead on building a client relationship on a well-known brand I have to found it in on the basis of mutual personal trust. My clients profit from both.

Author: Jens Coldewey
Last Change: 15th October 2004