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A successful software project is vitally connected to its team. Complex porjects can only be successful if you manage to integrate every team member's individuality into the process and give everyone the faith into the project's success. Just as Alistair Cockburn points out in his "Human Software Development Manifesto", software development resembles more a cooperative game than standardized production environments.

Instead of concentrating on tools and techniques I think it's more important to provide the optimal working environment to the team. If members understand the complex psychological processes inside of a team as something they can influence and design, it is possible for them to design them for success. The challenge is to find the best balance between internal team processes, technical challenges, and management expectations to reach the goals.

Therefore consultancy has to concentrate on human issues. Listening, analyzing and explaining are at least as important as technical and domain visions. In the daily work professionality and mutual trust are the basis of every relationship. A constructive and honest atmosphere is needed to care for this basis. As member of the German Association of Management Consultants (BDU) I am commited to the BDU consultancy principles

Author: Jens Coldewey
Last Change: 5. Januar 2000