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It is the daily business of a consultant to visit projects that fell into the pitfall of missing architecture or design. Thinking they would save time the team ignored architecture or design and therefore lead the project into serious problems. Considering the importance of this topic I admit that I have not published enough on it.

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Gerneral Architecture and Design

You may also want to check my publications on database access and user interfaces. There is a special page for domain specific publications on insurance systems, which also covers architectural topics.

Jens Coldewey:

Cycle Checker

design pattern to be published in Paul Dyson, Martine Devos (Eds.): Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing, 1999, Universitätsverlag Konstanz, 2000

Thumbnail: There are algorithms that do not work on object networks if they contain cycles, therefore implement a special Cycle Checker object to detect cyclic structures.

Available as Acrobat PDF file [86 kB]

Jens Coldewey:

Decoupling Object-Oriented Systems

A white paper I wrote during the ARCUS project in 1996. It contains some variants of design patterns from the special perspective of decoupling.

Available as Acrobat PDF file [204 kB]

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