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This page contains a selection of articles and papers I have published by now. Unfortunatly, some publisher agreements forbid to provide all the papers in complete length.

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Column on Agile Processes in Objekt Spektrum (German).

Column on Consulting in Objekt Spektrum (German).


Jens Coldewey, Paul Dyson (eds.): Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing, UVK Universitätsverlag Konstanz, 1999, ISBN 3-87940-655-3

EuroPLoP (a member of the PLoP family of conferences) is a conference where pattern authors and those interested in patterns meet to review newly documented patterns and to explore the issues of producing, understanding and applying patterns. EuroPLoP '98 – the Third European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing – was held in Bad Irsee, Deutschland, 8th–12th July 1998 and this volume contains the final post-conference versions of the patterns submitted for Writer's Workshops plus reports from the various ›Focus Groups‹ that met at the conference.

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